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Lip Care Product

Our Lips are very sensitive and can be easily chapped. Soft pink lips denote health but harsh winters make it hard to maintain them. The skin on our lips is very soft and thin and it does not have any oil glands to produce oils naturally. Therefore, lack of proper hydration leads to chapped and dry lips. In winters the lips are extremely rough and we need to moisturize our lips to protect them from the harsh cold. Lip care products are important because they help in keeping our lips soft and supple.


At Herbal Nutricare, we have a lineup of the best lip care products online. Our lip care products include VEGA Spicy Lip Balm, VEGA Watermelon Lip Balm, VEGA Rose Lip Balm, VEGA Berry Lip Balm, VEGA Berry Lip Balm, VEGA Strawberry Lip Balm and many more.


Clients can hydrate their lips with our gorgeous lip care products. Ladies can opt for the best lip balm which would glide smoothly on their lips, with yummy candy flavors. For lip care in winter and extremely dry conditions, clients can go with an ultra-conditioning lip mender. These lip care products contain comforting emollients to soothe the lips. The effective de-pigmenting formula allows the users to later apply their favorite lipstick color comfortably. Check out our the Ayurveda inspired lip balms, which are the rich blend of almonds, cocoa, castor oil, organic beeswax, rose, etc. The oils and butter in these lip care products heal dry lips and provide refreshing hydration. One can even try on lip balms in fruity flavors such as strawberry or grape. Our lip care product range also includes lip balms containing coconut oil and vitamin E that keep your lips moist and protected from heat.


Browse through our exclusive range to buy lip care products online. Shop for your favored lip care brands, and start flaunting your pretty smile!


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